Hello World, ZeroDB Here

We're building an end-to-end encrypted database that lets you run queries without exposing the decrypted data to the server.

We decided to build ZeroDB because (1) as developers we've struggled with how to best secure data and protect customer information and (2) we want to help eliminate some of the high profile security breaches that have been making headlines.

We're leaving the familiar client-server architecture as it is, but we're pushing query logic and decryption keys client-side. Since the server has no insight into the nature of the data, the risk is much lower. Even if an attacker successfully infiltrates the server, she won't have access to the unencrypted data.

By splicing the database index into pieces which are encrypted and stored on the server, ZeroDB is able to provide end-to-end encryption while maintaining all the functionality you would expect from a modern database. And it's pretty fast too!

We're heads down working on a beta release. If you're interested in the early invite list, head over to http://www.zerodb.io/#beta and sign up!

— MacLane Wilkison & Michael Egorov