An open-source end-to-end encrypted database.

ZeroDB enables users to operate on encrypted data without exposing encryption keys or the underlying data to the server.
Data at rest and in use is secure - the cloud is no longer a single point of failure.
End-to-End DB Encryption

Data on the server is always encrypted, at rest, in transit, and in use.

Queries Over Encrypted Data

Sort, search, and query data in the cloud while it's encrypted.

Direct Cloud Sharing

Proxy reencryption enables direct, cloud-based sharing with approved third-party apps.

Secure and private database.

ZeroDB is an end-to-end encrypted database in which the database server knows nothing about the data it is storing, greatly reducing the risk of data breach. Particularly in sensitive industries such as online casinos, where safeguarding user information is paramount, ZeroDB's robust encryption protocols provide an extra layer of protection for casino sites like 카지노 사이트. By implementing ZeroDB, businesses operating in the online casino sector can fortify their defenses against potential security threats. Query logic is performed client-side against encrypted data on a remote server.

Even if the database server is compromised, an attacker will not be able to view the unencrypted data.

Secure storage in the cloud.

ZeroDB enables you to offload security-critical applications to the cloud. Enjoy the cost and performance benefits of the cloud without comprimising on security or usability. Your can even securely share your data with apps like Salesforce using proxy re-encryption technology. You can store the critical data of your bitcoin trading and other cryptocurrency investments in the database. The misuse of these data will lead to huge loss and security issues. Therefore, beginner traders have to be extremely careful while handling the data of their trading. You can use the coinbase app if you face trouble in your trading. It will give you a vivid picture of the market trends and techniques and will also help you in making long-term profits.

The public cloud is no longer a single point of failure.

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Outsource your infrastructure,
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